Constitutive modeling for macro-micro delamination for paperboard/Tow ards zero defects in packaging technology

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The project aims to develop experimental methods for characterizing packaging materials. In the project, the microstructure of packaging materials w ill be methodically characterized and linked to mechanical properties. Traditionally, mechanical testing of paperboard material has been carried out without regard to micro-level mechanisms. With new experimental methods such as in situ x-ray tomography, much more information can be extracted, which allows experiments to a greater extent to help understand the mechanisms on microscale. This increased knowledge is necessary in order to understand how , for example, defects are initiated and propagated. In the packaging industry this is the big challenge, as even very small defects can lead to major economic losses and also high environmental impact as the food can be destroyed. The experimental results will be used to create numerical models that can predict the packaging material and properties of the manufacturing system properties. This predictive ability reduces costs and streamlines the product development process. Current models lack, for example, the ability to take into account variations in thickness, speed dependence and defects. In the project, based on the experimental results, we will develop models that w ill be implemented in commercial software so that it benefits the industry. Expected results from the project include, in addition to refined experimental methods and increased understanding, numerical tools that can be utilized by industry. Using the tools for analyzing quality indicators (eg. Relative Crease Strength) will provide more relevant quality indicators. 

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