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Lightweight structural composites are a great way to reduce overall weight. Bio-based composites are used to

replace fossil-based materials in non-structural applications. This project will develop new lightweight structural

materials that are comprised of bio-based constituents. One of the most important aspects to understand when

developing new composites is the interface functionalization chemistry and its impact on rheological and

mechanical properties. The understanding of this interaction is necessary for efficient material development. This

interaction will be studied in combinations of Swedish pine-based cellulous with Swedish plant-based polymers to

improve mechanical properties, thermal stability, and surface finish. The consortium of interdisciplinary

researchers is what makes this endeavour possible. The researchers will focus their strengths in four research

areas: Additives and Functionalization, Processing and Experimental Testing, Imaging and Data Analysis, and

Mechanical Analysis and Simulation. With the three materials characterisation research areas working together to

provide continuous feedback to the Additives and Functionalization research area. This will provide the optimal

arrangement for efficient improvement of the interface. The project will take place over a period of five years

and employ several cutting-edge methods, including a recently developed microstructure testing platform.

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