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Tillgänglig Forsknings-

Här hittar du forskningsinfrastruktur listad som är tillgänglig inom Treesearch. Tabellen kommer att kompletteras allt eftersom plattformens verksamhet startas upp. 

Sidan uppdaterades 2018-09-23

InfrastructurePartnerContact personCost (academy)Cost industryOthersLinksApply here   
4D Imaging Lab: x-ray tomography (Zeiss XRM520)Lund UniversityStephen Hall9000 SEK/day9000 SEK/day4D Imaging Lab: x-ray tomography (Zeiss XRM520) for 3D micro-structure analysis and in-situ testing to investigate processes in 3D and 4D (3D + Time), including in-situ devices for mechanical testing. Price includes contribution to running cost and user support. Based on single day experiments. Prices for longer experiments on a case-by-case basis. (compression and tension), adhesion testing, application of vaccum or pressure, humidity control, freezing amongst others.Ansök
Argon ion-beam cross-section polisher (BIB)MIUNMagnus Hummelgård386  SEK/h1 286 SEK/h  Ansök
Cross-Polarized/Magic Angle Spinning 13C-NMRRISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic5500 SEK/sample5500 SEK/sampleAnsök
FEI Quanta200 ESEMChalmersAleksandar Matic430 SEK/h1320 SEK/hFEI Quanta2000 ESEMAnsök
FSP (Fibre Saturation Point measurements)RISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic4900 SEK/sample4900 SEK/sampleAnsök
LEO Ultra 55ChalmersAleksandar Matic390 SEK/h1320 SEK/hLeo Ultra 55Ansök
Raman microscopyMIUNMagnus Hummelgård337 SEK/h     1 237 SEK/h    Ansök
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDS accessories and iridium sputterMIUNMagnus Hummelgård876 SEK/h     1 776   SEK/h  Ansök
Small angle x-ray scatteringChalmersAleksandar Matic400 SEK/h1300 SEK/hSAXSAnsök
Small angle x-ray scattering/Wide angle x-ray scatteringRISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic3000 SEK per half day (4 h) plus 1-2 h operator time á 1800 SEK/h3000 SEK per half day (4 h) plus 1-2 h operator time á 1800 SEK/hAnsök
Static and Dynamic Light Scattering, ALV CGS-8F ChalmersAleksandar Matic300 SEK/h1000 SEK/hAnsök
Swedish Research Laboratory for Printed ElectronicsLiUIsak EngquistPrice depends on the used equipment.Price depends on the used equipment.A printed electronics environment with a wide range of automotive equipment, such as flat screen printing, UV, IR and hot air dryers, dry phase pattern equipment, inkjet printers, lamination and a fully equipped analytical lab. Prices depending on equipment.SRLPEAnsök
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)MIUNMagnus Hummelgård386 SEK/h1 286 SEK/h  Ansök

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Vid frågor hur tillgången till infrastruktur inom Treesearch fungerar kontakta infrastrukturkoordinatorn på respektive nod (klicka på namn för mail). VIll du komma i kontakt med Treesearch direkt angående forskningsinfrastruktur gör du det via infrastructure@treesearch.se