Available research infrastrucutre

Available research infrastructure

Here you find the advanced research infrastructure that are available for access and support via Treesearch. The table will be updated as the platform is starting up.

Last update 2018-09-23

InfrastructurePartnerContact personCost (academy)Cost industryOthersLinksApply here   
4D Imaging Lab: x-ray tomography (Zeiss XRM520)Lund UniversityStephen Hall9000 SEK/day9000 SEK/day4D Imaging Lab: x-ray tomography (Zeiss XRM520) for 3D micro-structure analysis and in-situ testing to investigate processes in 3D and 4D (3D + Time), including in-situ devices for mechanical testing. Price includes contribution to running cost and user support. Based on single day experiments. Prices for longer experiments on a case-by-case basis. (compression and tension), adhesion testing, application of vaccum or pressure, humidity control, freezing amongst others.Ansök
Argon ion-beam cross-section polisher (BIB)MIUNMagnus Hummelgård386  SEK/h1 286 SEK/h  Ansök
Cross-Polarized/Magic Angle Spinning 13C-NMRRISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic5500 SEK/sample5500 SEK/sampleAnsök
FEI Quanta200 ESEMChalmersAleksandar Matic430 SEK/h1320 SEK/hFEI Quanta2000 ESEMAnsök
FSP (Fibre Saturation Point measurements)RISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic4900 SEK/sample4900 SEK/sampleAnsök
LEO Ultra 55ChalmersAleksandar Matic390 SEK/h1320 SEK/hLeo Ultra 55Ansök
Raman microscopyMIUNMagnus Hummelgård337 SEK/h     1 237 SEK/h    Ansök
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with EDS accessories and iridium sputterMIUNMagnus Hummelgård876 SEK/h     1 776   SEK/h  Ansök
Small angle x-ray scatteringChalmersAleksandar Matic400 SEK/h1300 SEK/hSAXSAnsök
Small angle x-ray scattering/Wide angle x-ray scatteringRISE InnventiaJasna Stevanic3000 SEK per half day (4 h) plus 1-2 h operator time á 1800 SEK/h3000 SEK per half day (4 h) plus 1-2 h operator time á 1800 SEK/hAnsök
Static and Dynamic Light Scattering, ALV CGS-8F ChalmersAleksandar Matic300 SEK/h1000 SEK/hAnsök
Swedish Research Laboratory for Printed ElectronicsLiUIsak EngquistPrice depends on the used equipment.Price depends on the used equipment.A printed electronics environment with a wide range of automotive equipment, such as flat screen printing, UV, IR and hot air dryers, dry phase pattern equipment, inkjet printers, lamination and a fully equipped analytical lab. Prices depending on equipment.SRLPEAnsök
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)MIUNMagnus Hummelgård386 SEK/h1 286 SEK/h  Ansök

Tillgång & stöd

Contacts Research infrastructure

If you have questions on a specific infrastructure, contact the infrastructure coordinator on the respective node (click name for mail). If you have general questions regarding research infrastructures, you can contact Treesearch directly at infrastructure@treesearch.se