Research infrastructure application

Application for research infrastructure

How to the application process works

To get access through Treesearch to an infrastructure, a short application must be filled in. It is used as a basis for Treesearch’s evaluation, where the infrastructure coordinator at each node assesses the application together with the / the specialists responsible for the infrastructure. This group then leaves a recommendation to Treesearch’s management team based on the following criteria:

  • Feasibility
  • Relevance
  • Industrial participation (projects involving industrial sectors have precedence)

whereby Treesearch’s management team then makes decisions about the availability of infrastructure and user support.

After completion of infrastructure projects, a brief report should be provided. When results from infrastructure projects in Treesearch are communicated in publications or conference presentations, Treesearch should be mentioned. A standard text for this is provided by Treesearch.

Application form

Contacts Research infrastructure

If you have questions on a specific infrastructure, contact the infrastructure coordinator on the respective node (click name for mail). If you have general questions regarding research infrastructures, you can contact Treesearch directly at