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Treesearch Scientific Sessions are a series of seminars arranged by researchers within Treesearch and open for partners in Treesearch. The seminars focus on specific research areas and range from one hour seminars to whole day events. Treesearch Scientific Sessions may have invited speakers.

Examples of Treesearch Scientific Sessions held during 2018 are Stockholm Cell Wall Meeting and Hemicelluloses

If you are organizing an event, Treesearch can support and spread the news. You can read below on what this includes and which terms you need to fulfill. If you have questions, please contact

This is what Treesearch offers

Seminars are an important part of collaboration. Treesearch therefore wants to support and make it easier to organize seminars and make the content available for more people.

Treesearch can give the following support:

Financial support for invited speakers, rent for premises and to some extent food and beverage included in facility pricing. The amount on support is depending on the size of the seminar and number of participants from Treesearch partners. The amount is decided in consultation with Treesearch, contact

Help with forming the invitation, online-system for registration and an event site at if needed. In the material made, it will be clear on who is the organizer and that Treesearch is supporting. One example is shown at

Spreading the news and the invitation in Treesearch informations channels such as in the newsletter, website and calendar.

Supply of conference material such as name tags, lists and other matieral when necessary.

To get support, Treesearch has the following terms:

The seminar should be relevant for researchers in Treesearch and available for Treesearch associated researchers. The accessability is desided by the organizer in consultance with Treesearch. The seminar should be relevant to one or several of the  four thematic research areas.

Treesearch logo should be visible on conference material and invitations. During the day of the seminar, Treesearch rollupp should be visible close to the premises.

Treesearch needs to be informed early in the planning (at least 1 month in advance) in order to be able to give professional support and corresponding spreading of information.

You are encouraged to stream the seminar! By doing so, several people can take part of the content from the Treesearch website. Treesearch will try to help with this if needed.

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