Treesearch for researchers

Treesearch for researchers


Welcome to Treesearch! On this page you will find a compilation of links and information about what Treesearch offers to support you as a researcher, doctoral student and postdoctor.

There’s more to come…
Treesearch is under construction! More activities will come and more information will be translated into English. So, it’s worth looking at Treesearch’s website a little bit now and then!

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Working at a Treesearch-partner? Here you find your local Treesearch contact

You can always contact Treesearch directly. Here you find contact information

This is what you get as an Associated Researcher in Treesearch

As an Associated researcher in Treesearch you get

Conferences and collaboration activities.
Participation in conferences, seminars and workshops arranged within Treesearch

Courses and education.
Participation in courses arranged within Treesearch.

Research infrastructure.
Priority access to and reduced fees for use of advanced research infrastructures. In addition, support for planning of experiment, implementation and analysis of results.

Access to Treesearch’s network in academia and industry with the potential to influence the research area.

Information and information channels.
As an Associated researcher in Treesearch, you will have access to newsletters and updates from Treesearch.

Support for conferences and seminars
 If you have arrangements that are within Treesearch’s research areas, you can get support.

You are expected to

Regularly participate in activities.
Regularly participate in activities organized by Treesearch (such as conferences and workshops).

Present research.
Present research and research results at conferences, workshops, etc.

Acknowledgments in publications.
Publications were treesearch contributed with research support should state the following wording  “This research has been supported by” in the acknowledgements of publications. Associated projects are encouraged to have the wording in the acknowledgment.

Treesearch PhD students and courses.
Treesearch PhD students are encoureged to participate in courses provided within the framework of Treesearch. A very limited number of courses will be mandatory.

Inform Treesearch about activities carried out in projects where other researchers in Treesearch can be invited and participate. Dissertations will be advertised on the Treesearch website. 


Are you supervisor to a PhD student or postdoc that you wish associate to Treesearch? First step is for you as supervisor to associate the project at

Follow the instructions found at the page.

If you are associated through projects, the association will expire when the project expires. You can then apply again by associating a new project. Treesearch will contact you when the happens, you do not need to do anything active yourself until then.

If you are connected directly as working at a Treesearch partner, you are associated throughout the time you are in that organization.

Doctoral students and postdoctors are affiliated to the end of their projects.

You can change your details at any time or delete / break your association.Contact

Do you have ideas and want to contribute to Treesearch? We are making Treesearch together and there are many opportunities to contribute! Are you working at a Treesearch partner, contact your local contact person.Otherwise you can contact

Do you have a suggestion for a conference or seminar that can fit the Treesearch program? Contact